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Poetry online:

"#CarryThatWeight" (audio + poem) in: Rattle

"The Hero of Seymour Avenue" (poem) in: Waxwing Magizine

"Venice Beach, July 4th 1972" (poem) in: Consequence Magizine

"Escort" (poem) in: SWWIM

"The Fool," and "Nature's Fool" (poems) in: Queen of Cups

"Fig Wasp," "Skunk Year," and "He Needs Me" (poems) in: Aspasiology

"The Famous Male Poet's Favorite Love Poem" (poem) in: Mud City Journal

"Bird" (audio + poem) in: Rattle

"Object," "The Hero of Seymour Avenue," and "Power Play" (poems) in: Waxwing Review

"A 21st Century Slave to Her Master" (poem) in: Philadelphia Review of Books

"Why mate for life? Red Crown crane" (poem) in: The Compassion Anthology

"Passing Time" and "The Prisoner" (poems) in: Tidal Basin Review (on page 101)

"Sound" (poem) in: Warscapes (scroll down)

"Shore Sirens," "Seascapes," "Before Moving from Little’s Lane..." (poems) in: Wilderness House Review

"Her Children" (poem) in: Plath Profiles: A Journal of Sylvia Plath Studies

"My Shoal" (poem) in: The Mom Egg (on page 15)

"Creation Story," "The Beginning of the Fall, part 1," and "The Beginning of the Fall, part 2" (poems) in: Soul-Lit

Five chapters/poems from The Archivist in: The Poetry Storehouse

Five objectification poems in: Drunk Monkeys

"Stripped" in: SDFloPoJo


Video & Audio Clips of Readings:

A poetry video series: "OBJECT-unplugged".

My reading of "May 28th, 2014" at The Newton Writing & Publishing Center.

My reading of "The Women" at The Newton Writing & Publishing Center.

My reading of "Passing Time" at The Improbable Places Poetry Tour.

My reading of "Fool's Errand" at The Grolier Bookshop.

My reading of "There was this egg." for Zymbol Magazine.

Video-Remix of "Lucia, the very good final sigh" at: The Poetry Storehouse.

Peace Poetry Festival presentation (go to minute 24:40): at Marblehead VMS in 2011.



My WOMR Poets Corner (radio) interview

My "Tinderbox" interview

My "Grab the Lapels" interview

My "Getting to Know: First Book Authors" interview


Reviews etcetera:

Review of The Fool: The Mom Egg Review

Review of The Archivist: The Mom Egg Review

Review of FISHWIFE: The Mom Egg Review

Review of In the War in: CHAP*BOOKS

Review of In the War in: Fiddler Crab Review


Amirah Essays (on Human-trafficking):

"Amazing Grace: Art for Goodness Sake"

"From City Streets to City Hall: Jeri Williams Overcomes Her Past"

"The Power of Poetry to Advocate & Inform"

"Every Captive Free"

"Jasmine's Story: a Survivor Speaks"

"When Human Trafficking Comes Close to Home"


Prose online:

Craft essay: "On the Line" at Mass Poetry.

From my AWP 2015 talk on "The Politics of Empathy": Solstice Magazine.

On teaching Free2Write poetry workshops and "Avoiding Volunteer Burnout With Mindful Self-care": Anchor Magazine.

On "Diversity & the Exploitation of Adjunct Professors": Solstice Magazine.

On "The First Poem I Ever Loved--'Daddy' by Sylvia Plath: Mass Poetry.

Book Review of Sandra Beasley's poetry collection Count the Waves: Mass Poetry

Book Review of Adrian Matejka's poetry collection The Big Smoke: Mass Poetry

Book Review of the essay anthology Still Here Thinking of You: a Second Chance with Our Mothers: The Mom Egg

Book Review of Peter Gizzi's poetry collection Threshold Songs: Drunken Boat

Book Review of Nicelle Davis' poetry collection Circe: The Mom Egg


Craft essay "On the Line": Mass Poetry.

Craft essay on Writing about Faith-based Experiences, in: Talking Writing Magazine

Craft essay Exploring Writing that Seeks to Effect Change in the World, in: Mass Poetry


On "Getting to Know: Carol Ann Duffy" in: Mass Poetry

On "Getting to Know: Rhina Espaillat" in: Mass Poetry

On "Getting to Know: Philip Levine" in: Mass Poetry

On "Getting to Know: Li-Young Lee" in: Mass Poetry

On "Getting to Know: Cornelius Eady" in: Mass Poetry

On "The State of Poetry: Rooting" in: Mass Poetry

On "Eco Poetry" in: Mass Poetry

On "Literary Citizenship" in: The Mom Egg

On "A Legacy of Peace" in: The Mom Egg

On writing In the War in: Red Room


Other articles about Jennifer Jean:

On the adjunct-themed issue of Rattle Magazine which contains my interview with editor Tim Green: Inside HigherEd.

"Poetry in the Wild": Orion Magazine

"Poetry Bandits!" on The Academy of American Poets site:

"January O'Neil and Jennifer Jean: Friends, Poets, and the Mass Poetry Festival" in: The Sommerville News

"Jennifer Jean: a Poet with Oceanic Tastes" in: Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

"Groundbreaking American Poetry Series comes to Peabody" in: The Salem News

"Mass Poetry Festival to illuminate Salem next weekend" in: The Salem News

"Poets & Citizens: the Mass Poetry Festival in Salem" in: ArtSake


Some great artists & writers:

Sarah Eide, composer/musician:

January O'Neil, poet/Festival director:

Kirun Kapur poet/Event director:

Susan Rich, poet/activist/educator:

Enzo Surin, poet/playwright/advocate:

Aimee Nezhukumatathil, poet/educator:

Oliver de la Paz, poet/educator:

Jennifer Martelli, poet/editor:

Mary Biddinger, poet/editor:

Kelli Agadon, poet/editor:

Joletta Hardman, actress/singer/writer:

Karen Craigo, poet/critic/editor:

Sandra Beasley, poet/educator:

Becca Menon, writer/translator/editor:



Jennifer Jean:

Aiko Nishioka (artist of paintings on this site):


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If Galileo had said in verse that the world moved, the inquisition might have let him alone. 

~Thomas Hardy