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What is a Professor of Poetry? How can poetry be professed?

~W.H. Auden

Fishwife Tales Music

Musician/composer Sarah Eide and I have collaborated on several genre defying musical works based on the Fishwife Tales, my epic lyric sequence which details the life of a shape-shifting marine creature reminiscent of a siren, selkie or generic mermaid. We have performed this work at numerous venues, including most recently: the 2010 Massachusetts Artists Collective Showcase, the 2011 Massachusetts Poetry Festival, the 2011 Salem Arts Festival and the 2011 Women Musician's Network Show. As well, our art song "Fishwife with Child" won the 2011 Curtain Up! Composition Prize.

After receiving so much positive feedback, we decided to go into the recording studio to create a full length album, bringing to the project a number of supremely talented musicians. The CD features the voices of several women, all from different backgrounds, bringing this story into a universal perspective. The Fishwife's story is more than her own story--it is the story of all women of the present, past and future.

We're proud to say that Fishwife Tales has, over time, become a multi-media performance experience, including not only music and spoken word but also dance and visual arts. There are future plans for transforming Fishwife Tales into a musical, and the beginnings of this project are already evident within our debut CD.

To purchase our Fishwife Tales CD of art songs, accompanied recitations and rockballads, visit CDbaby or go to iTunes. Or, check out these music samples NOW:

Fishwife Tales Paintings

Painters Aiko Green and Jinju Fong have painted two seperate series of works inspired by the Fishwife Tales. Aiko's paintings can be seen throughout this website.

To view Jinju Fong's paintings, click here.

Special thanks to multi-media artist Youngshim Gontijo who designed the cover art for our CD:

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