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Recorded Readings online:


"#CarryThatWeight" (audio + poem) in: Rattle

"Bird" (audio + poem) in: Rattle


Writings online:


"Amazing Grace" (poem) in: Crab Creek Review

"Avoiding Volunteer Burnout With Mindful Self-Care--On Teaching Free2Write" (prose) in: Anchor Magazine

"On Diversity and the Exploitation of Adjuncts" (prose) in: Solstice Magazine

"The Politics of Empathy" (prose) in: Solstice Magazine

"Object" in: Waxwing Review

"The Hero of Seymour Avenue" in: Waxwing Review

"Power Play" in: Waxwing Review

"The Prisoner" and "Passing Time" (poems) in: Tidal Basin Review (on page 97 & 101)


Some Poems:


Fishwife Advent

A storm stalks the shore,
the children are tucked,
the fire low under haddock stew...


Getting to Know You

Remember yesterday, when an 8.8 hit Chile
and the earth’s axis tilted?...


Structural Integrity

A universe walks into a bar, sits
down and says to the barkeep, Just gimme
the usual. Or the Universe walks...



1. Indian Summer
We heard rumors of razors in apples
and needle holes in wrappers...

Your prayer can be poetry, and poetry can be your prayer.

~Noelani Day