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Structural Integrity


“Yes,” said Queen Lucy.
“In our world too, a Stable once
  had something inside it that was bigger
  than our whole world.”        
                                ~from C.S. Lewis’ The Last Battle in The Chronicles of Narnia


A universe walks into a bar, sits
down and says to the barkeep, Just gimme

the usual. Or, a Soul walks in
to a bar and says, How come you are

over there and I’m over here? God walks
into a universe, sits down and says

to all the humans, You wanna take this
outside? Or God says, Lend me an ear? So,

an ear walks into a starry starry
night, sits down and says to the artist, You...

lose something? Or a mouth gets near an ear,
sits down and says, You hoo! Any body

home? A home walks into a man, sits down
and sings, Love me tender... Or a home walks

into a man, says to the feet, Don’t walk
away from me! A marriage walks into

a bed, sits down and says to the couple,
The inside is bigger than the outside.

Or, Love your enemy. The enemy
makes his bed, lies down, and sighs, I give up…



(originally published in Megaera, Spring 2006)

Poems are imaginary gardens with real toads in them...

~Marriane Moore