Bethel gospel assembly horarios

Bethel gospel assembly horarios


The Bible is our rule of faith and conduct. Through its pages God has revealed himself to man and it is through the study of it that we acquire knowledge of God’s will for our lives.

Bethel Church wants to help you in the knowledge of the truth, we may not have answers to all your questions, but we can introduce you to the author of life in whom you can lean on and seek refuge whatever your situation may be.

We understand that the church is the people who have accepted the saving grace of Jesus Christ, although we call church the temple or place where we gather to worship God and express his love through service.

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Queremos darte la bienvenida a la iglesia, nos alegra que te acerques a Jesús. Somos una iglesia evangélica y alegre que acoge a todos los que están interesados en vivir cerca de Dios. Nuestro objetivo es dar gloria a Dios, crecer juntos y proclamar el Evangelio de Jesucristo, a nuestro alrededor y en todo el mundo.

Mantenemos el firme deseo de ofrecernos como una iglesia abierta a todos, fuerte en Dios, dinámica para servir y alegre para amar. Te animamos a visitar las diferentes secciones de nuestra web y te invitamos a participar en nuestro culto del domingo.

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Bethel Church is a non-charismatic non-denominational mega church that was established in 1954 in Redding, California. The church, which is currently led by Bill Johnson, is notable for its music label Bethel Music.  There have been many articles, both in print and online publications written about Bethel and its ministry, including in Record Searchlight magazine, Christianity Today and Charisma.[1][2][3]

Robert Doherty started at the church in 1952 and the congregation was an affiliate of the Assemblies of God in 1954.[5] In February 1996, the congregation invited Bill Johnson of Weaverville, California, to lead the congregation. Johnson, the son of former pastor Earl Johnson, had only one stipulation before he was voted in: that the message would always be about revival and that the theme of revival would never change[6].

Since Bill Johnson took over as senior pastor in 1996, Bethel has received criticism from both the local community and other Christian organizations for its beliefs, practices, and use of church funds.

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Services offered to society for the promotion of the visibility of the confession and to favor its integration as a social agent, through constructive and positive expression on ethical aspects and principles of coexistence.

When an entity locates a place where it intends to establish a place of worship, it is necessary to know the requirements established by the City Council for such opening. In this link you can learn some details about it.

In relation to the lease contract that may be signed, it is important to note that ignorance of the requirements for opening a place of worship does not invalidate the contract that may have been signed, so it is advisable that, before signing the contract, the entity ensures that, in the chosen premises, it can establish a place of worship.

Sometimes, the NIF may be needed before the religious entity is registered, in which case, a provisional NIF can be requested. This provisional NIF will be valid for 6 months and can be transformed into a definitive NIF once the entity accredits its registration with the Tax Agency, by means of the certification received from the Ministry of Justice.

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